Terms and Conditions

  1. Offer is valid for ONYX Rewards members only. Offer is non-transferable. Status matches cannot be bought or sold.
  2. ONYX Rewards Tier Match is applicable only for hotel loyalty programme. Third party loyalty programme such as Expedia, Booking, Air BnB, airlines frequent flyer, vacation exchange, etc are not applicable for tier match.
  3. To match your status with ONYX Rewards Gold or Platinum status, you must provide your ONYX Rewards account number and proof of current equivalent tier status with other hotel loyalty programmes. Blue, Silver and equivalent statuses are not eligible.
  4. The request should be made by registering at www.onyx-rewards.com/tier-match and by completing the Tier Match request form
  5. The processing and approval of each status match request are at the sole discretion and judgment of ONYX Rewards.
  6. Any requests that do not include all of the required information may not be accepted.
  7. After registering and the tier status is validated, the elite tier status will be valid for the following 12 months. Thereafter, standard tier requirements must be met to maintain elite status.
  8. ONYX Rewards reserves the right to downgrade or remove individuals from the programme at any time.
  9. For additional information on tier benefits and qualifications, please visit https://www.onyx-rewards.com/benefits-glance/
ONYX Rewards Tier Match Programme
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