ONYX Rewards Membership Terms & Conditions

The ONYX Rewards program (the “Program”) membership and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of ONYX Hospitality Group (Trading name of Amari Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd.) and its subsidiaries and affiliates, the Management Company of the participating hotels and each of the foregoing entities’ officers, directors, partners, employees and agents. Brands may be added or deleted at the sole discretion of ONYX Hospitality Group. By becoming a member of the ONYX Rewards and receiving and redeeming benefits of the ONYX Rewards program, each ONYX Rewards Member agrees that he/she has:

  • read, understood and accepted these ONYX Rewards Terms;
  • read, understood and accepted the Website Terms of Use which are incorporated by reference herein; and
  • provided consent for ONYX Hospitality Group, the ONYX Rewards Participating Hotels and their authorized third party agents to process data that is personal to him/her, and to disclose such data to third parties, in accordance with Membership Privacy Policy.

ONYX Hospitality Group may at any time amend, modify or supplement these ONYX Rewards Terms, and continued participation in the ONYX Rewards will constitute an ONYX Rewards Member's acceptance of any such amendment, modification, or supplementation. The Program Terms and Conditions are governed by and are to be construed under the laws of Thailand. These ONYX Rewards Terms set forth here supercede all previous terms and conditions of the ONYX Rewards. ONYX Rewards Members are responsible for remaining knowledgeable of the ONYX Rewards Terms and any changes, modifications, or additions to the ONYX Rewards.

  1. General Terms and Conditions
  2. Joining the ONYX Rewards Program
  3. ONYX Rewards Membership
  4. ONYX Rewards Membership Tiers
  5. Points
  6. Reward Redemption
  7. Other Principles

1. General Terms and Conditions

  1. ONYX Hospitality Group and its hotel/travel partners have the right to add, change, limit, modify or cancel Program Rules, regulations, rules for earning and redeeming ONYX Rewards points, rewards, reward levels, redemption levels, processes, benefits, and Program affiliates at any time, with or without notice, even though such changes may affect the value of points already accumulated, the ability to use accumulated points, or the ability to obtain certain rewards.
  2. ONYX Hospitality Group and its partners may, among other things: (1) increase or decrease the number of points received for a stay or required for a reward; (2) withdraw, limit, modify, or cancel any reward; (3) add blackout dates, limit rooms available for any reward at any participating hotel, or otherwise restrict the continued availability of rewards; (4) change program benefits, travel partners, hotel partners, locations served by ONYX Rewards or its travel partners, conditions of participation, rules for earning, redeeming, retaining, or forfeiting points, or rules governing the use of rewards; and (5) change or cancel its travel partner rewards. You will be bound by any such changes.
  3. The accumulation of points does not entitle members to any vested rights with respect to points, rewards, or program benefits.
  4. In accumulating points, members may not rely upon the continued availability of any reward or reward level. All Membership benefits are subject to availability.
  5. Each Member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable as to the Program Terms and Conditions and as to the number of points in his or her account.
  6. If participating ONYX Rewards hotels or any partner improperly denies a Member an accrual or benefit, the liability of ONYX Hospitality Group or the partner will be limited to the equivalent value of that accrual or benefit as determined solely by ONYX Hospitality Group.
  7. ONYX Hospitality Group make no warranties or representations, either expressed or implied, and expressly disclaim all liability (including consequential damages) with respect to type, quality or fitness of goods or services provided through the Program.
  8. All interpretations of Program Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of ONYX Hospitality Group.
  9. We endeavor to keep the information on our website current, including the links from these Terms and Conditions, but you should contact your regional Member Services office via email (contact@onyx-rewards.com) for the most current information. We are not responsible for any information that has not been updated.
  10. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Thailand.
  11. Membership, and the earning and redeeming of ONYX Rewards points are subject to all applicable local laws and regulations. Membership, Membership benefits, and awards are offered in good faith, however they may not be available or are subject to change if prohibited or restricted by applicable law or regulation.
  12. All disputes which cannot be resolved between the parties, and causes of action arising out of or connected with the Program, shall be subject to the Program’s Limitation of Liability.
  13. A membership number is required when making reservations.
1.1 Program Operator
  1. The Program is operated by ONYX Hospitality Group (Trading name of Amari Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd.), 2013 NEW PETCHBURI ROAD BANGKAPI HUAY KWANG BANGKOK 10320 THAILAND and is administered on its behalf by the appropriate ONYX Rewards Hotels.
  2. The rights and obligations of ONYX Hospitality Group under the Program may be assigned or transferred by ONYX Hospitality Group to any other related or unrelated entity at any time, and performance thereafter shall be the responsibility of that entity.
  3. ONYX Rewards membership is an exclusive membership privilege granted by ONYX Hospitality Group and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of ONYX Hospitality Group.
  4. Neither the Program nor any benefit offered by the Program creates, constitutes or gives rise to any legal or contractual rights by members against ONYX Hospitality Group.
  5. Nothing in the ONYX Rewards Program Terms and Conditions is intended or shall be construed to create or establish any agency, partnership or joint venture relationship between ONYX Hospitality Group and the partners mentioned therein.
  6. In case of fraud or abuse involving ONYX Rewards, ONYX Hospitality Group will have the right to take appropriate administrative and/or legal action, including termination of membership.
  7. ONYX Hospitality Group and our Program affiliates are not responsible for: (1) loss or misdirection of, or delay in receiving, any Membership application, correspondence, Awards or award certificates; (2) theft or unauthorized redemption of ONYX Rewards points or Rewards or use of a Reward caused by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of us or our agents; (3) any acts or omissions of third parties (including participating properties); or (4) any errors published in relation to the Program, including, without limitation, any pricing or typographical errors, errors of description, errors regarding participating properties and Program affiliates, and errors in the crediting or debiting of ONYX points from Member accounts. We reserve the right to correct, without notice, any errors.
1.2 Program Availability
  1. The Program has no predetermined termination date and may continue until such time as ONYX Hospitality Group decides to terminate the Program, at any time, with or without notice.
  2. If the Program is terminated, all unredeemed points shall be forfeited without any obligation or liability, and no award claims shall be honoured after the conclusion of any notice period.

2. Joining the ONYX Rewards Program

2.1 Membership Eligibility and Fee
  1. Membership in the Program is available to individuals (“you”) as stated in these Program Terms and Conditions.
  2. There is no enrolment fee for this Program. Entry-level (Silver-tier) Membership is free of charge and is available to individuals over the age of majority residing in jurisdictions that legally permit participation in frequent stay programs.
  3. Companies and/or other entities cannot enroll.
  4. Members cannot maintain membership in or earn points on multiple accounts. You may maintain only one account.
  5. We may refuse Membership to, or terminate Membership of, any individual without giving a reason.
  6. You will be enrolled in the Program and become a Member from the date we receive your completed application
  7. An active member is defined as any member having point activity (accrual, redemption, or purchase points) within the last 24 months.
2.2 Account access
  1. You are able to use usernames, passwords, or other codes or devices to gain access to restricted portions of the ONYX Rewards
  2. We maintain a personal preference profile for ONYX Rewards members, containing information provided by you.
  3. We will use this information to expedite reservations, check-in, and check-out processes.
  4. If you provide credit card information, hotels will use it to guarantee your stay and will apply your stay charges to that credit card. You can change your credit card authorization for future transactions by logging into your ONYX Rewards account online.
  5. The content contained in such restricted areas is confidential to ONYX Hospitality Group and is provided to you for your personal use only.
  6. We reserve the right to prohibit the use of such access codes on your behalf by third parties where we determine that such use interferes with our site's operation or results in commercial benefits for other entities to our detriment.

3. ONYX Rewards Membership

3.1 ONYX Rewards Amenities
  1. A number of services and benefits ('Amenities') are available to ONYX Rewards Members.
  2. These amenities are offered solely at the discretion of ONYX Hospitality Group, and the individual participating hotel, and may change from time to time.
  3. Not all amenities or services are provided by all participating hotels.

3.2 Account Activity Statement: Activity statements are available via email every month by email. Members can also access this information by logging into their accounts online.

3.3 Membership Cancellation
  1. ONYX Hospitality Group reserves the right to cancel ONYX Rewards membership and revoke any and all unredeemed ONYX Rewards points collected by any Member who appears to be using the Program in a manner inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions or intent of the Program or any portion of the Program, and for reasons that include, but are not limited to: 1) violation of these Terms and Conditions; 2) misrepresentation of any information or any misuse of this Program; 3) violation of any national, state or local law or regulation in connection with the use of membership privileges; 4) failure to pay for hotel charges; 5) a check to a participating hotel brand that is returned for insufficient funds or is invalid for any reason; 6) commission of fraud or abuse involving any portion of this Program; 7) more than one active account per member, multiple accounts for each member must be merged as described in Section 14 below; or 8) action, in any other way, to the detriment of the Program or any of its alliances; all as may be determined by ONYX Hospitality Group in its sole discretion.
  2. Members who do not earn points in any 24 consecutive months may be removed from the ONYX Rewards Program and will forfeit all accumulated points.
  3. You may cancel your Membership at any time by giving written notice of cancellation to your regional contact@onyx-rewards.com. If you do this, all unredeemed ONYX Rewards points will be forfeited immediately and may not be reinstated or transferred.

3.4 Data Privacy: In order to join the Program, you must agree to the Membership Privacy Policy. We also draw your attention to our Internet Privacy Policy which applies to your use of our web sites.

4. ONYX Rewards Membership Tiers

4.1. Earning Tier Status
  1. Members can earn or maintain tier status based on qualifying hotel nights in any rolling 12-month consecutive period.
  2. Once a member attains a tier level, it will remain in effect for 12 consecutive months.
  3. Members must re-qualify for Gold and Platinum status.
  4. Only nights personally stayed and individually billed at participating hotels are credited toward Gold and Platinum membership and renewal.
  5. Accounts may not be combined to achieve tier upgrade and/or maintenance.
  6. To reach Gold or Platinum tier status, the number of personal nights must be stayed in a consecutive 12-month period at participating ONYX Rewards hotels.
    Gold = 15 nights or 5 stays (Consecutive stays are not applicable.)
    Platinum = 40 nights or 10 stays (Consecutive stays are not applicable.)
  7. Reward stays do not count toward Gold and Platinum membership.
  8. Hotel charges without a personal overnight stay will not earn room night credit toward Gold and Platinum membership.
  9. ONYX Hospitality Group and its travel partners reserve the right to add, change, modify, limit, or cancel program rules, regulations, rewards, reward levels, tier-level benefits and/or qualifications at their sole discretion, anytime with or without notice. This may include increasing levels or number of points required for a reward, changing rewards or points/miles earned, adding unlimited blackout dates, limiting rooms available for reward redemptions, changing participating hotels, eliminating any benefit or changing or cancelling our travel partner rewards without notice. This may result in certain rewards not being available.
4.2 Silver Membership
  1. Silver members can earn 10 ONYX Rewards points for each U.S. dollar (1 USD = 35 THB/3.8 QAR/83 BDT/7.9 HKD/156 LKR/4.6 MYR/7 CNY/8,500 LAK) or equivalent of all Eligible Charges incurred and paid for by the Member at participating ONYX Rewards properties.
4.3 Gold Membership
  1. Gold membership will be awarded to ONYX Rewards Members with either a minimum of 15 qualifying nights stay or 5 stays (Consecutive stays are not applicable.) during any rolling consecutive 12-month period.
  2. Once you have earned Gold membership status, you will maintain such status for 12 consecutive months.
  3. You must re-qualify Gold membership status every consecutive 12-months to maintain your Gold membership status.
  4. Gold members can earn 10 ONYX Rewards points for each U.S. dollar (1 USD = 35 THB/3.8 QAR/83 BDT/7.9 HKD/156 LKR/4.6 MYR/7 CNY/8,500 LAK) or equivalent of all Eligible Charges incurred and paid for by the Member at participating ONYX Rewards properties.
  5. Gold members will receive a 25% bonus on all base points earned during the period in which they are ONYX Rewards Gold members.
  6. Bonus points will be applied to stays in the order they are posted to the Member's account.
  7. Bonus points for Gold members apply only on the base points collected by a member and not on any additional points received due to a special offer or promotion.
  8. Gold Tier Amenities are available to Gold members.
4.4 Platinum Membership
  1. Platinum membership will be awarded to you if you have either a minimum of 40 qualifying nights stay or 10 stays (Consecutive stays are not applicable.) during a consecutive 12 month period.
  2. Once you have earned Platinum membership status, you will maintain such status for 12 consecutive months.
  3. You must re-qualify Platinum membership status every consecutive 12-months to maintain your Platinum membership status. Unsuccessfully re-qualifying for Platinum tiered membership will result in receiving Gold membership status.
  4. Platinum members can earn 10 ONYX Rewards points for each U.S. dollar (1 USD = 35 THB/3.8 QAR/83 BDT/7.9 HKD/156 LKR/4.6 MYR/7 CNY/8,500 LAK) or equivalent of all Eligible Charges incurred and paid for by the Member at participating ONYX Rewards properties.
  5. Platinum members will receive a 50% bonus on all base points earned during the period in which they are ONYX Rewards Platinum members.
  6. Bonus points will be applied to stays in the order they are posted to the Member's account.
  7. Bonus points for Platinum members apply only on the base points collected by a member and not on any additional points received due to a special offer or promotion.
  8. Complimentary access to Executive Lounge applies only for Platinum members staying at Amari Watergate Bangkok and Amari Johor Bahru. This benefit is not available for the Club House at Amari Phuket.
  9. Platinum Tier Amenities are available to Platinum members.

5. Points

5.1 Points for Stays
  1. A Stay is defined as one night or total consecutive nights spent at the same participating hotel, regardless of frequency of check-in/check-out.
  2. At all participating ONYX Rewards hotels worldwide, you will receive ten (10) points for each USD dollar or local currency equivalent - exclusive of any promotional or other type of bonus - paid toward Eligible Charges on your individual hotel room bill ('folio'). Eligible Charges will vary by hotel and may be listed on each hotel’s reservation page. ONYX Rewards points are offered based on the value of the room rate only. If applicable, additional supplements for breakfast and other inclusions will not be included in the points calculation.
  3. “Paid” shall mean “receipt of good funds”.
  4. Accordingly, if you stop payment on a check, if a check bounces, or if you dispute a credit card bill, you have not “paid” and you will not earn ONYX Rewards points on that transaction.
  5. In case of a Member earns ONYX Rewards points for more than one room per stay, if all eligible charges for each room are paid on one folio. Points will be earned for all eligible folio charges incurred on such rooms. Any bonus points issued on base points, including tier bonuses (25% or 50%, depending on Member tier) and bonus points from qualifying promotions will apply to the total base point credit earned for each room. For purposes of obtaining tier status, a Member may receive night credit on one room only.
  6. Points awarded for stays at participating hotels will be based these currencies; 1) 35 THB = 1 USD 2) 7.9 HKD = 1 USD 3) 83 BDT = 1 USD 4) 3.8 QAR = 1 USD 5) 156 LKR = 1 USD 6) 4.6 MYR = 1 USD 7) 7 CNY = 1 USD 8) 8,500 LAK = 1 USD. These rates will be determined at ONYX Hospitality Group’s sole discretion. ONYX Hospitality Group may at any time amend, modify or supplement these currencies, and continued participation in the ONYX Rewards will constitute an ONYX Rewards Member's acceptance of any such amendment, modification, or supplementation.
  7. Points may not be earned when redeeming an ONYX Rewards Reward, awards of travel partners or other promotional offerings using discount or Award Nights, unless otherwise stated on the Award Night terms and conditions.
  8. When redeeming a reward, the member may earn points for incidental charges for the stay at participating ONYX Rewards hotels, which may vary by hotel.
  9. Any points offered in conjunction with specific hotel stays will be considered earned when the stay has been fully paid.
  10. Points will not be available for redemption before the stay has been paid and the points have been reported to the Member.
  11. We reserve the right to deduct any ONYX Rewards points credited to an ONYX Rewards Membership account in error without notice. If refunds are made to you in respect of goods or services for which you received ONYX Rewards points, ONYX Hospitality Group will adjust the number of ONYX Rewards points awarded.
  12. No other person except the member may earn points for his/her account.
  13. Points for a stay will only be awarded to one ONYX Rewards member regardless of the number of members occupying a room.
5.2 Point Adjustments
  1. You are responsible for ensuring that your points or miles are properly credited to your account.
  2. If you believe your account activity statement is inaccurate, send an email to your regional ONYX Rewards Customer Service centre.
  3. Please be prepared to Email a legible copy of the Member's hotel folio (paid hotel receipt) to the ONYX Rewards customer service centre.
  4. Failure to supply the adequate and unaltered documentation may result in denial of such point credit.
  5. For the Member's protection, all hotel travel documentation should be retained by the Member until the point credit has appeared on his or her account.
  6. The points listed in your ONYX Rewards account are subject to change to reflect actual stay information, any adjustments and Program changes.
  7. Allow approximately 3-5 days for the stay to be credited to your account.
  8. Requests to add or modify ONYX Rewards stays must be received within 90 days of the stay.
  9. A New ONYX Rewards member will be eligible to receive ONYX Rewards points for eligible charges incurred and paid for by the ONYX Rewards member during the 30 days prior to enrollment, if such credit is requested within 90 days of the eligible charge transaction.
5.3 Eligible Stay
  1. An “Eligible Stay” is one or more consecutive nights at the same participating ONYX Rewards property, whether or not you checked-out and checked back in, during which you paid an Eligible Rate and presented your ONYX Rewards account number at registration.
  2. An "Eligible Night" is each night during an Eligible Stay.
  3. All stays and nights are deemed to occur on the date of check-out.
  4. Stays in which you used an Award Night or paid through a pre-paid third party channel, do not count as “Eligible Stays” as you did not pay an Eligible Rate.
  5. Stays in which you presented a frequent flyer card from a participating airline or other reward or bonus program do not qualify as an Eligible Stay.
  7. Points will be awarded for rooms booked through participating ONYX Rewards hotels reservation offices, participating ONYX Rewards hotels websites, ONYX Rewards’s website or directly at participating ONYX Rewards hotels and when a valid membership number is presented at booking.
  8. No point or stay credit or credit toward tier status will be awarded for:
    1. Wholesale/tour operator packages and group rate, room rates that are master billed or paid at tour operator rates, wholesaler rates, including WFNR, travel industry staff rates, TAED rates, and crew room rates, contracted airline crew rates, room rates for group commercial or group leisure bookings (where rooms are booked as part of a conference or organized tour or where the bookings for six or more rooms are linked), complimentary rooms (including, but not limited to, any Award Nights earned through the program or otherwise), travel industry rates (including but not limited to travel agent discount rates), distressed passenger rate, complimentary or barter rooms, employee discount rate, stays on NET Group, Series Group or IT Group rates, Government rates, long stay rental, some promotional rate as specified by ONYX Hospitality Group, contracted Entertainment or Encore rates and stays using airline percent-off award certificates.
    2. Stays and pre-paid rooms that are booked by an agent or via third party websites in which you pay for that booking directly to such third party, such as tour or tour operators, and pre-paid channels, including, but not limited to priceline.com, expedia.com, hotels.com, hrn.com, hotwire.com, lastminute.com, site59.com, orbitz.com, travelocity.com, cheaptickets.com, quickbook.com, travelweb.com, lodging.com, yahootravel.com, and msntravel.com, irrespective of rate paid, for the purpose of earning points or stay credit toward Elite status.
    3. Stays booked via "opaque" channels where the brand is unknown at the time of purchase are not Eligible Stays for the purpose of earning points, or stay credit toward Elite tier status, or the receipt of Elite tier benefits such as upgraded accommodations / amenities or access to health clubs.
  9. No point or stay credit or credit toward tier status will be awarded for "no show" situations when a member has made a reservation guaranteed with a credit card but then does not check in to the hotel--irrespective of whether or not the member's credit card is charged for any portion of the reserved stay per the hotel's "no show" policy.
  10. ONYX Rewards points are not awarded for fractions of a U.S. dollar spent, or for dollars spent on tax, VAT, GST, service charges, gratuities or hotel incidentals. Any applicable federal, state or local taxes, including city occupancy tax, will be omitted for purposes of point accrual for hotel stays.
  11. Charges not billed to your room, fees paid such as parking, business centre, green fees, gift shop/retail store purchases, and meeting charges will not be eligible for ONYX Rewards points. Selected participating hotels may omit, for purposes of point accrual, incidental charges or charges to the Member's room for non-affiliated hotel entities which are not owned and/or operated by the hotel including, but not limited to, food and beverage outlets, gift shop, drugstore, clothes, gallery or specialty stores, and recreational or entertainment concessions.
  12. Taxes, gratuities, service charges and other applicable charges, such as energy charges, and resort fees are not eligible for ONYX Rewards points.
  13. A Member whose individual hotel bill is billed directly to a company and the Member is responsible for authorization for settlement at check-out is eligible for ONYX Rewards points. However, group master-billing arrangements where charges for multiple rooms are placed on one hotel bill and billed to a company or common address or settled at check-out by one individual are not eligible. Incidental charges (those charged to a Member's room) paid for directly by the Member at check-out may be eligible for point credit. Incidental charges billed to a master bill are not eligible for point credit.
  14. You may earn ONYX Rewards points for Eligible Charges paid by you during your stay even if the room charge was not an Eligible Charge. However, if the room charges are not Eligible Charges, the stay will not count as an Eligible Stay or Eligible Night towards elite levels of ONYX Rewards Membership or for threshold bonuses and promotions.

6. Rewards Redemption

6.1 Partner Redemption
  1. ONYX Rewards members may redeem ONYX Rewards points in exchange for various benefits and PRODUCTS.
  2. To be eligible to redeem ONYX Rewards points with Redemption Partners, members must have accrued at least one (1) qualifying Stay earning ONYX Rewards points since enrolling in the ONYX Rewards program.
  3. ONYX Hospitality Group reserves the right to discontinue a Redemption BENEFIT AND/OR PRODUCTS at any time with or without notice.
  4. ONYX Hospitality Group reserves the right to alter the ratio of exchanges between ONYX Rewards points and benefits AND/OR PRODUCTS, at any time.
6.2 ONYX REWARDS Award Nights
  1. In addition to each hotel's specific terms and conditions, and ONYX Rewards’s Reward Redemption Rules and the Program’s Terms and Conditions, the following are terms and procedures for redeeming ONYX Rewards Award Nights. An “Award Night” is a one-night stay at a participating ONYX Rewards hotel redeemed through accumulated Program points.
  2. To use your ONYX Rewards points for a hotel stay at a participating ONYX hotel, please make your reservation online at the ONYX Rewards Website
  3. Members must be logged in to redeem points online for an ONYX Rewards Award Night.
  4. Online Award Night reservations require a credit card to guarantee the reservation.
  5. Some hotels may require a deposit in lieu of a credit card guarantee. Deposits cannot be waived for Reward reservations.
  6. ONYX Rewards Award Night reservations can be cancelled online but, in some cases, may not be modified.
  7. Accommodations are subject to capacity controls, which may limit the availability of rooms offered at specific participating hotels or during specific times of the year.
  8. Additional blackout Dates may be imposed without notice.
  9. For the purposes of ONYX Rewards Reward redemption, a weekend night is defined as either Friday, Saturday or Sunday night, unless specified otherwise on the Reward Confirmation.
  10. Advanced reservations are required prior to ONYX Rewards Reward Redemption stay.
  11. ONYX Rewards Award Night reservations may be booked for multiple hotel rooms on the same stay date at the same property provided the member’s ONYX Rewards membership number is recorded on each reservation and the required points are redeemed for each room.
  12. ONYX Rewards Award Nights are valid only in conjunction with individual travel and are not applicable to group travel, package tours, conventions or other special rates and/or package programs.
  13. Rooms are limited, subject to prior sale and availability of allocated resources and may be unavailable during high demand periods.
  14. ONYX Rewards Award Nights are valid only for the expense of the guest room, unless otherwise indicated.
  15. ONYX Rewards Award Night rooms do not include food and beverages, gratuities, incidentals, or service charges. These charges are to be paid directly to the hotel prior to check-out.
  16. Transportation costs to and from the hotel are not included.
  17. Any tax liability incurred in connection with the receipt and/or use of ONYX Rewards, including, but not limited to, local or city occupancy taxes, or individual income tax is the sole responsibility of the user.
  18. Incidental charges are the responsibility of the guest.
  19. Points required for hotel rewards vary for hotels and dates and are based on availability and advanced reservations.
  20. ONYX Rewards point values for any hotel or destination may change at any time.
  21. ONYX Rewards points have no value until presented for redemption by the member.
  22. Failure to comply with this procedure may result in cancellation of reservations, denial of accommodations or payment of published retail rate.
  23. No credit or substitutions will be given for any rewards that are only partially used.
  24. ONYX Rewards are not commissionable to travel agents.
  25. Hotel Reward stays do NOT count toward Elite tier qualification.
  26. Participating hotels may be added or deleted from any brand or destination category at any time. ONYX Hospitality Group reserves the right to restrict, suspend, modify or substitute the Award Nights program at any time without notice.
6.3 Reward Cancellations
  1. ONYX Rewards members who cancel their ONYX Rewards Award Night reservation before the cancellation deadline will have their points used for that reservation re-deposited into the member's ONYX Rewards account, and may be subjected to a service fee.
  2. Participating ONYX Rewards hotels standard guarantee policies and cancellation policies apply for all hotel rewards, as well as all other reservation and use of services requirements. These requirements include standard reservation requirements such as, but not limited to, minimum length of stay requirements and charges for late cancellation.
  3. Cancellation policies vary by hotel. It is the member’s responsibility to review the hotel’s cancellation policy prior to requesting the reward or making reservations.
  4. ONYX Rewards members who do not cancel their ONYX Rewards Award Night reservation by the cancellation deadline and do not use their reservation (no-show) are still subject to a no-show charge for the first night of the reservation, plus tax, per room, billed to the credit card used to guarantee the reservation upon booking. The points redeemed for the no-showed ONYX Rewards Award Night reservation will NOT be re-deposited into the member's ONYX Rewards account.
6.4 Award Nights
  1. Award Nights allow you to book your ONYX Rewards hotel reward as close as 48 hours in advance of your stay.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation of your reward booking. We recommend taking a copy of the confirmation with you, when you check-in at the hotel.
  3. The hotel you reserved for the Award Night will also receive an email and/or electronic transmission of your confirmation of your reward booking.

7. Other Principles

7.1 Notice of Changes
  1. Changes to these Terms and Conditions will be posted on the ONYX Rewards website and will be effective immediately unless stated otherwise. ONYX Hospitality Group is under no obligation to notify members of changes except by the posting on such site.

7.2 Address Changes: Each Member is responsible for advising ONYX Rewards of any address changes. We shall have no responsibility for misdirected or lost mail or any consequences thereof.

7.3 Taxes:
  1. Membership benefits and rewards may be subject to income or other taxes.
  2. The recipient is responsible for paying all such taxes and for making all applicable disclosures to third parties, including the party who paid for the transaction from which you earned ONYX Rewards points.
  3. We will not be liable for any tax liability, duty or other charges in connection with the issuance of Membership benefits or rewards.

7.4 Service Fee: These fees cover the costs incurred by ONYX Rewards in servicing your travel reservation.

7.5 Communications
  1. Each MONTH, we will send you your ONYX Rewards points balance via e-mail.
  2. All Program communications will be sent to you at the mailing address and/or e-mail address which you provide on your application form.
  3. Communications will be deemed to have been received by you if sent to that address, 1 business day after sending if we sent it to the e-mail address provided and 5 business days after sending if we sent it to the mailing address provided. You are responsible for keeping your address current.
  4. You can view your ONYX Rewards point balance and transaction history, update your personal details, and change your communications preferences at any time. Click here to log into your account. Or you may contact our Customer Service Centre. Click here for your region’s Customer Service Centre information. If you telephone a Customer Contact Centre, for security reasons we may ask you for your date of birth and/or other information to verify your identity. We may monitor telephone calls to improve the quality of service.

7.6 Program Violations: Program violations, fraud or abuse in relation to point credit or reward usage is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by appropriate governmental authorities and by ONYX Hospitality Group including, without limitation, the forfeiture of all point transfers, rewards, or Award Nights issued pursuant to point redemptions and any accrued points or miles in your account, as well as cancellation of the account and your future participation in the Program.

  1. ONYX Hospitality Group shall not be liable to any person for any action taken or neglected to be taken with respect to the Program, except for errors in posting ONYX Rewards points to Program accounts.
  2. The sole remedy available to you in connection with the Program (whether your claim is based in law or equity) shall be the crediting or re-crediting to your Program account of ONYX Rewards points in an amount no greater than the number of ONYX Rewards points at issue. In no event shall we be responsible or liable for special, consequential, extraordinary or indirect losses or damages, including any lost profits.
  3. ONYX Hospitality Group will attempt to send correspondence to active Members to advise them of matters of interest, including notification of Program changes. However, neither ONYX Hospitality Group nor companies participating as partners in the Program will be liable for any failure to do so and will not be responsible for incorrect or inaccurate transcription of entry information, for problems related to any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized by the Member, for any human error, for any interruption, deletion, omission, defect, or line failure of any telephone network or electronic transmission, for problems relating to computer equipment, software, inability to access any Web site or on-line service, for any other technical or non-technical error or malfunction, for lost, late, stolen, illegible, incomplete, garbled, misdirected, mutilated or postage due mail or other mail for whatever reason.

7.8 Restricted by Law. This Program or participation therein is not valid and/or the awarding of ONYX Rewards points or miles/credits and/or the granting of rewards is void where prohibited or restricted by law.

7.9 Statements, Errors and Retroactive Claims
  1. We may at any time correct the amount of ONYX Rewards points shown as credited to you, without notice.
  2. If we improperly deny an ONYX Rewards point accrual or an ONYX Rewards Membership benefit, our liability is limited to the proper posting of ONYX REWARDS points to your account.

7.10 Supplier Terms and Conditions
Separate terms and conditions will apply to your reservation and purchase of travel-related goods and services that you select. Please read these separate terms and conditions carefully. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of purchase imposed by any supplier with whom you elect to deal, including, but not limited to, payment of all amounts when due and compliance with the supplier's rules and restrictions regarding availability and use of fares, products, or services. You understand that any violation of any such supplier's rules and restrictions may result in cancellation of your reservation(s), in your being denied access to the applicable travel product or services, in your forfeiting any monies paid for such reservation(s), and/or in our debiting your account for any costs we incur as a result of such violation.

7.11 ONYX Rewards Member Services offices
If you have any queries about the ONYX Rewards Program, send an email to contact@onyx-rewards.com.

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